It’s our birthday, Shewee is 20! The ORIGINAL Female Urination Device since 1999

Shewee is the Fantastic travel and outdoor gadget allowing women to pee simply and hygienically while standing without removing ANY clothing. Every women has a story to tell about the time she needed ‘to go’ when the nearest toilet was miles away on dry land, at the that last Gas Station you passed or was just too filthy to use, recounting the search in desperation for a suitable place to squat out of view and harm’s way.  The horror and regret when an otherwise fabulous day becomes memorable more for the look on the face of the poor unsuspecting passerby who caught the whole thing!!
Providing toilet solutions for women since 1999, Shewee has become possibly the most well known and trusted Female urination device in the world, with one being sold every 3 minutes worldwide.

Don’t be disappointed by imitation and inferior products. Make sure you have the genuine Shewee

Here you’ll find all Shewee related products, clothing to be used with Shewee so you can pee, simply, discreetly  and  hygienically also introducing our brilliant portable toilet – the Peebol. Support your local economy and buy Shewee from a store near you Australian Wide (click here to find your nearest stockist) or order direct from our online shop.

The ORIGINAL female urination device since 1999!

Despatched with 48hrs

UK made

Used around the world!

What our customers are saying

Hello Jude This amazing product actually works thank you !!!! I thought it was a joke when a friend told me about it but I thought as now my children (girls) are ages 7 and 9 and far to big to try and hold on the side of the road to go to do a wee my back isn’t the greatest and my eldest had an embarrassing accident whilst 4 wheel driving tried toile ring via swaying only to wet her pants This device is genius – Thank you again I now leave it in my glove box – Ps it’s already come in handy for a motorbikes trip and whilst an all day fishing charter and camping It’s easier with the extension for the girls to manover congrats on an amazing invention Goodluck T G Gippsland
This amazing product