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SHEWEE Extension Pipe

You’ve got your SHEWEE, now it’s time to accessorise it.

The SHEWEE extension pipe will direct your flow away from your feet, perfect for when you’re wearing bulking clothing. PLEASE NOTE *** The extension pipe is to fit onto your Shewee Unit ONLY. This extension pipe will not connect onto another extension pipe

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Add the extension pipe to your existing Shewee unit to guide your urine away from your feet.

The pipe is particularly useful when wearing bulky clothing, for example if you’re off skiing.

The extension pipe measures – 15 x 2cm

Make toilet dilemmas a thing of the past with Shewee.

Thanks the Shewee was really useful camping and travelling in Norway. Toilets/rest stops were not always available and I used it in Norway during freezing cold weather (it was summer in Norway but we still had sleet, snow and rain most of June right up in Northern Norway) When I did not want to totally undress it was very handy even in windy weather and easy to clean.
I love my shewee! It is a permanent fixture in my car as i travel a lot for work – driving off the beaten track to save time but no toilets! As i am also a free camper my shewee is a lifesaver! Much better than the competitor product! By the way.
I took my Shewee to Europe for the summer music festivals and it was great – no more midnight dashes across the fields in the dark to the stinky porta loos, and no more trying to hover over dodgy toilet seats!
Hello Jude This amazing product actually works thank you !!!! I thought it was a joke when a friend told me about it but I thought as now my children (girls) are ages 7 and 9 and far to big to try and hold on the side of the road to go to do a wee my back isn’t the greatest and my eldest had an embarrassing accident whilst 4 wheel driving tried toile ring via swaying only to wet her pants This device is genius – Thank you again I now leave it in my glove box – Ps it’s already come in handy for a motorbikes trip and whilst an all day fishing charter and camping It’s easier with the extension for the girls to manover congrats on an amazing invention Good luck!
Using my Shewee is so easy. I wear pull-up trousers most of the time, and have not had an ‘accident’ yet. It’s foolproof! I chose the model with the case and extension tube (please insert model here), and find the extension very helpful – I’m chubby and I like to see what I’m doing, plus I can stand back from the toilet bowl. I purchased my Shewee primarily to take on a 2 month trip to Europe, but now I can truly say I never leave home without it. It lives in my handbag, and I am pleased with how unobtrusive it is, should anyone see inside the bag. I am also pleased that I can have the case in my hand on the way to the bathroom and nobody would have a clue what it is. Cleaning the Shewee is so easy, too. A rinse each time I use it during the day, and a soapy wash of everything at night, and it comes up fresh every time. Even rinsing the Shewee in a basin in a public washroom is not the embarrassment I thought it might be – nobody has a clue what they might be looking at, and people are usually not inquisitive in loos, anyway. I’d recommend the Shewee for travelling, to help you cope with dubious public conveniences, and weeing in the wild; for women with leg trouble who find ‘hovering’ over a public loo too difficult, or even find sitting down and getting up again difficult; and finally, for sufferers of Lichen Sclerosis et Atrophicus, who just find it difficult to wee neatly. You’ll love this! So, if you are thinking of investing in a Shewee, do it – it’s the best thing I bought for my travels, and the only travel aid I still use now I’m home
My girlfriend never used to come on the boat with me until she got her shewee – now she doesn’t have to sit cross legged for hours!
Dave McKinnon
My Shewee saved my life
I recently traveled to Vietnam and I bought a Shewee in lieu of expecting some pretty wild bathrooms situations. My spidey senses were on point and my predictions were a dreadful reality in many cases and I would have been utterly lost without my Shewee. It is the best investment I ever made and I am not ashamed to tell everyone that it saved my life. With my trusted Shewee discreetly in hand (in a pretty pink case) I smuggly watched other ladies nervously trying to navigate their way around some pretty hideous toilets and holes in the floor – not I! I sailed through unscathed and when murmurings from ladies about how terrible their toilet was and how they hurt their knees bending down – I whipped out my Shewee Case and I’d purr the 3 magical words: “Female Urination Device” and Boom! If I’d had a Mic I’d have dropped it! My bomb of awesomeness was usually followed by many ‘ohhh’s’ and ‘ahhhh’s’, so I hope I found some converters! Thank you again Shewee for saving my life! xo
I`m more than happy to sing shewee’s praises!Came in very handy just a couple of days ago on the Stuart Highway coming back from Darwin- 110km from next toilet stop, no shrubs to squat behind at the moment in the dry season, in broad daylight so i just shewee’d on a tree like my boyfriend! Ha!! Soooo good!! Jenny
Jenny S
I gave my daughter the Shewee as she is an Outdoor education teacher and thought it may be of some use – She likes it! Another great use is when boating. We have now said goodbye to the bucket when camping and boating!!!
Wodonga Vic